Top 5 5G Mobile Revolution


What is 5G? 

It is the new Mobile communications standard that will allow you to download a netflix movie in 5 seconds. It offers an incredible bandwidth, and this will open up a space of possibilities:

  • Phase 1: building up the infrastructure that’s an ongoing process. different 5G technologies are getting implemented, low frequency (like T-Mobile use it) and high frequency (like Verizon use it); the high one is the real deal that will enable a real Phase 3
  • Phase 2: everyone needs a NEW smartphone to use it. That means: everyone will change it sooner or later! Eldorado for smartphone and component manufacturers
  • 5G will be used and enables every kind of futuristic technology: artificial intelligence, natural language processing, electric vehicles and smart traffic, self-driving cars, Internet of things, smart industry, robotic surgery, massive online gaming, movie, and media streaming

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