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As a reminder, these are our topics:

that includes:

  • how to react in crisis’ and market drops

  • how to reduce and control your risks

  • …more (expand)

    • how to choose an asset allocation that suits you

    • what position sizing to choose

    • why long-term will make you rich

    • and a lot more

  • why ETF will let you sleep well and relax

  • why you should not buy MSCI World ETFs

  • …more (expand)

    • why you should not have a “worldportfolio”

    • why the fees & costs are so important

    • why momentum & trend-investing is so powerful- and how to avoid the risks

    • how to choose the right ETF

    • how and where to buy ETF

  • how to prevent total loss by chosing the right stocks

  • how to find the next Amazon, Netflix or Twilio

  • …more (expand)

    • how to choose a stock

    • how NOT to choose a stock (icon: a sheep and its “X”t that means, dont be a sheep and follow the herd)

    • how und where to buy stocks

    • how and where NOT to buy stocks

  • why some people don’t like gold

  • why you should have it anyway

  • …more (expand)

    • how to pick the right form of Gold investment (ETF, stocks, physical gold, crypto gold)

    • how and where to buy it

  • why some people don’t like Bitcoin & Co. and why they are right

  • why some people adore Bitcoin & Co. and why they are right

  • how and where to buy Bitcoin & other Cryptos

  • …more (expand)

    • what determines the price of Bitcoin and other Coins

    • why it is so important to check the business model

    • where to find out more about crypto coins, business model, prices

  • why this is a no-brainer for every investor

  • how to use the new possibilities of investing in real-estate and why you should be careful

  • …more (expand)

    • what possibilities you have (ETF, REITS, properties, Fintechs)

    • how and where to invest

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